Audio Studios Certified User Agreement

Duderstadt Center Audio Studios (A, B, and C) Certified User Agreement

Note: this is a read-only version of the Audio Studios Certified User Agreement. To sign the agreement please visit the current online form

The Audio Studios are open to the entire University of Michigan community for the purpose of providing faculty, students and staff access to a state-of-the-art multimedia creation facility. They also serve as a development center for new collaboration technologies to enable the exploration of rich digital media for teaching and learning experiences, collaboration and creative expression.  In an effort to assist our diverse community of users and their related needs and to help ensure a pleasurable and successful experience, the Duderstadt Center (DC) needs you and all its users to agree to use conditions.

1. General Provisions

a. This document is an agreement between you, the user (“Client”), and the DC to adhere to the principles and policies outlined below.

b. All persons directly involved with audio engineering in the DC audio studios must successfully complete a three-tier certification process offered by the DC at regularly scheduled times throughout the academic year.

Only current MSA staff are authorized to provide direct operating instructions to users of the studios.

All formal instruction will be offered through ongoing training processes which require registration and lead to eventual skill and knowledge evaluation and certification.

c. The Client agrees to be the single representative for all the people associated with Client's event, and further, to be 100% responsible for any actions or negligence that those collaborators, friends, workers and other people associated with Client.

d. The DC reserves the right to update or change this document at any time.  Any update or changes will be emailed and/or presented in written form to the Client with whom prior agreement has been reached. Any use of DC thereafter by Client constitutes agreement to the changes. All updates or changes will have a date on which they become effective. If Client does not accept the update and/or changes, the DC has the right to immediately cancel Client's DC audio studio reservation.

e. The Client has the right to terminate this agreement at any time before the reservation's start date as stated on the last page of this User Agreement. Termination can be declared by emailing DC Media & Studio Arts <> Upon termination of the agreement, the Client forfeits use and occupancy of all DC facilities and agrees to immediately return and/or cease use of any DC equipment until such time that a new User Agreement has been signed by both the DC and the Client.

f. Inevitably, matters will arise which are not covered by these general rules. In these instances, the on-site staff person for the DC will make required rulings.  All decisions are final.

g. Disregard for, or the breaking of any part of the User Agreement will result in the loss of access to the DC keyed media facilities. This document is an agreement between the undersigned User and the DC staff to adhere to the principles and policies outlined within. By signing this agreement the User accepts responsibilities as indicated, including adhering to the judicial rulings of the DC staff in the case of breach of this agreement by the User.

2. Reservations and Work Schedules

a. DC will go to great lengths to ensure that no reservation is changed or canceled, however, in the event that this is necessary (i.e. equipment failure, etc) the DC reserves the right to change or cancel any reservation for any reason at any time and Client agrees to hold DC harmless.

b. It is a violation of this agreement for the Client to reassign their reserved time TO ANOTHER USER and is grounds for immediate termination of Client’s entire reservation.

c. Working and Performance Schedules need to be agreed upon by DC Staff before admittance.

d. Any changes in scheduling needs to be approved by DC staff ahead of time to avoid conflicts with space or staffing.

e. Due to high demand of the studios and resident expertise, availability of full time staff for mixing and post work is limited and dependent on staff availability. If this is required for your project and you have not expressed it, please let us know immediately via email DC Media & Studio Arts <> to ensure a smooth process.

3. Facility Care

a. Client agrees to keep and leave all facilities and/or facility contents in the condition received except for normal wear and tear and to be financially responsible to reimburse the DC in full for any damage or loss to facilities and/or equipment caused by the Client and/or by those collaborators or friends associated with Client.

b. There is to be no affixing of anything to walls, draperies, ceilings or floors by screws, nails, glue and/or tape anywhere inside or outside the Audio Studio without express permission from the DC. No activity is allowed that would scuff or damage any floor, wall, door or ceiling or contents in the Duderstadt Center.

c. The dispersion of confetti, glitter, powder, paint, dust, sand or other material or substance is prohibited. Any exception must be approved by the DC. Unauthorized use will be subject to extra custodial charges and/or immediate removal from the building.

d. No construction or painting is allowed in the building other than that which is required to install previously constructed scenery or properties into the Audio Studio without permission from the DC. When construction or painting is necessary and approval provided by DC staff, precautions must be taken to prevent damage to the Audio Studio and connected spaces.

e. Food and drink are not allowed in the Audio Studios.

f. Client must not deface, vandalize, or write graffiti on any part of the facilities.  Immediate termination of the use of DC will result from any such act.

g. Equipment maintenance, repair and configuration are only to be performed by DC staff.

h. Equipment is not to be removed from any facility for any reason without express written consent from DC staff and by filing appropriate paperwork therein.

i. All DC equipment must be returned to its proper place when Client and company are finished with them.

j. Client agrees to replace all expendables such as but not limited to gaff and other tapes, lighting gel, and paint in addition to hardware used to facilitate Client’s event from the DC inventory.

4. Security

a. At the sole discretion of the DC staff, security may be required, at Client’s expense, through the DC and/or UM Dept. of Public Safety. The number of such personnel shall be determined by DC on the basis of the nature of the proposed event.  The DC reserves the option of adding additional security personnel when, in its judgment, a higher level of security might be necessary. If you anticipate a need for heightened security please notify DC Media & Studio Arts <> prior to your event.

b. No door(s) will be propped open to DC Audio Studio or adjoining space at any time without direct verbal permission from DC staff for each instance.  Open doors must remain under the constant supervision of Client or Client Assignees. User's booking will be terminated immediately if a door is found propped open while leaving the studio unattended.

5. Safety

a. Live flames, including candles, oil lamps, cigarettes, incense, and effects requiring explosive charges, flammables and/or firearms are NOT allowed in the Audio Studio.

b. As mandated by the University Fire Marshall, aisle ways and the areas designated as fire exits must be kept clear. Exit signs may not be turned off, covered, removed or altered in any way. All exits must remain free of blockage by any scenery, props, seating, or other objects while the studio's facilities are occupied.

c. Client agrees it will not rewire, reconfigure or unplug any electrical connections, supplies, or devices without direct verbal permission from DC staff.  Failure to comply will result in eviction from the Studio.

d. Client agrees to always use safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection when appropriate to avoid injury.

6. Demeanor

a. Client, collaborators and friends of Client are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to foster a creative, respectful and positive atmosphere.

b. Client is responsible for the conduct of all those people associated with Client’s event reservation.

7. Indemnity

a. The DC is not responsible for any personal injury due to the negligence of Client and/or negligence of those collaborators and other people associated with Client’s event.

b. The DC is not responsible for property damage and/or property loss (including data), equipment failure, and/or failure of systems operated by the University of Michigan, including but not limited to heat, water, lighting, audio, video and air conditioning, equipment or facilities malfunction, and/or natural and/or man-made disturbance in any instance.

c. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Michigan, its Regents, Directors, Officers and employees for any claim that may arise due to negligence of undersigned Client and/or negligence by those collaborators and/or friends associated with Client or people working for Client.

d. The Undersigned agrees that the University of Michigan is not responsible for personal property damage and/or loss in any instance.

8. Copyright

The Client(s) agrees to be familiar with University of Michigan copyright policies, to

follow and obey those policies concerning copyright and the use of copyrighted works. (

9. Data Files

Data files left on computers after a session/reservation are unprotected and may be deleted. The Client is responsible for bringing a hard drive to the DC at the time of the session in order that video and audio files can be transferred to the Client’s hard drive.

*** Please Note - All mixing and editing sessions must be completed within six months of the last recording/tracking date.


Lights turned off

Outer doors closed and locked


Keys are checked out at the Information Desk, located in the Duderstadt Center atrium (734.936.3191). A photo ID must be presented for the key at the time of the reservation.

Only the User named in the reservation in the 'KEY LIST' may check out and sign for a key.  Keys may only be held by the person that signed for the key.

Users must check out a key within a half hour of the reservation start time or the reservation will be canceled.

Under no circumstances should the key to any Duderstadt Center facility be removed from the building, e.g. meal breaks.

When the reservation is over, the User who checked out the key must deposit the key in the MSA Key Lockbox designated by signage in each studio space.

*****  PLEASE NOTE *****

Due to the ongoing uncertainties of the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U-M policies and safety protocols, additional limitations and procedures may be required as part of any use of Duderstadt Center Media & Studio Arts facilities.